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What we offer

Full Day Care

Full Day Care for babies from 6 mths to school age
8am – 6pm​

Part-time Care

A minimum booking of 5 hours
8am – 1pm
1pm – 6pm

Montessori ECCE

Montessori ECCE is Outdoor
9am – 12pm
12:15pm – 3:15pm
We are registered for: ECCE Scheme (Preschool year ), NCS (The National Childcare Scheme) and AIM applications.

What we do

Catering for 6 months - 12 years

We have four rooms which consist of a Baby Room, Toddler Room, ECCE Montessori Room and After school Hub. We understand how hard it is for you to choose the right place for your child and to entrust the care of your child to others. Our settling in policy will help with this and we have 3 stages: Firstly, the parents and the child are welcome together on their first visit, this can be up to a half an hour long. On the second visit, you may leave the room if your child seems content to allow for this and lastly on the third visit you may leave your child alone for half an hour. From here you can increase their times leading to leaving them for the day. Some children will settle in straight away and others may need longer at each stage. We will work with the child and the parent to make this work.

Baby Room

Welcoming your little ones from 6 – 16/17 months

This room takes children from the age of 6 months to 17mths. We can take up to 8 children here at anyone time with 2 or 3 staff each day. We provide a relaxed, homely and stimulating environment for your child where they will have access to the outdoor and messy play. Tummy time will be an important part of a young babies day. 

Communication with babies is done regularly throughout the day. We follow each child’s individual daily routine, this we ask you to give us when your child starts with us.

Toddler Room

“The Growing Up Room” From 16 months – 2 years 8 months

This room takes children from the age of 16 or 17 months, depending on the child up to 2 years 8 months. We can accommodate up to 12 children in this room. We spend as much of our day as we can outside. Both indoor and outdoor environments provide activities to enhance the development of your child. Their routine consists of Freeplay, snack time, stories and songs, Art & Craft activities, relaxation and sleep. We provide lots of opportunity for movement as it has great benefits for children in later years.

ECCE Montessori Room

Ready Steady Go! From 2 years 8 months –  to school going age

Our ECCE is fully outdoor.
We have an extensive outdoor play area.  We also have a large playing field used by all ages.

After-School Room

From School going age (4 or 5) to 12 years old 

And Chill!!
After a long day in school relax and unwind.

We are passionate about...

Giving you peace of mind that your little ones are in good hands physically and emotionally and learning in a positive happy environment.

Outdoor play and your child's brain

Each room has it’s own outdoor space and we also have a large playing field used by all ages. Our ECCE is fully outdoor while our baby and toddler room spend their time inside and also in their own designated space outside.

Creche Wexford
creche Oulart - Wexford


The environment we create aims to help children to think for themselves, challenge themselves, have fun, explore, be creative and use their imagination.

Our Passion

Our passion is seeing each child flourish in their own time, which we achieve by providing the best possible early learning experiences through quality interactions and co-regulation.

Our environment provides age and stage of development appropriate activities that enable children to achieve a love of learning. It is influenced by Montessori and our national curriculum, Aistear and encourages exploration, creativity and imagination where all children have a voice and are treated with respect.

creche Oulart - Wexford

How to find us...

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We are registered for: ECCE Scheme (Preschool year ), NCS (The National Childcare Scheme), We provide for AIM applications.
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